World Mental Health Day - October 10th

October 10th is World Mental Health Day.

The theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health, is 'Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority'.

To make this a worldwide priority, we all need to work together to look after our own communities. If we do this, we can make this idea a reality!

We asked the team if they had any ideas how people could make their own wellbeing a priority, and in an ideal world, how would this work?

Chell Avatar


In an ideal world, this is how I'd make sure a person's wellbeing was being prioritised.

  • Was warm, well-fed and had enough money to treat themselves to things and/or experiences.
  • Had a wellbeing package delivered once a week or fortnight with candles, sweets or other bits and bobs, little cards.
  • Have opportunity to see friends and socialise.
  • Had free access to a counsellor.
  • Have access to a gym and other healthy wellbeing activities.
  • Had free transport to get to classes/places.



Lee Avatar medium

Right now is challenging for many people. I suggest our mental health approaches are more needed than ever. How would it look to prioritise our approach to mental health.

I think attractive well planned, collaborative events and services would help. Decision makers, employed staff and people who are not currently in work being encouraged to connect and share their challenges and strategies together. Access to better funding would mean the services and events would be high quality. Quality environments, experts and great resources would be a clear sign of MH and wellbeing enjoying  a higher priority. An example could be all people regardless of employment status offered five full days every year to dedicate to learning new strategies or spending time in retreat, recharging batteries. Funding is always a challenge but could this be recognised as a preventative approach that would probably save the NHS money in the long run.

On my own personal level, playing guitar with good friends is one of the ways I keep my mental health in balance. When Im playing I get a break from worry and overthinking. We are friends as well as band mates. Thankfully we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we laugh a lot.



Tracy Avatar

We at TLC are doing what we can at the local level, here are some examples:

Make time during the working week to look after one another, yoga, relaxation or cake!

TLC contributes to health and wellbeing costs for our staff such as reflexology, physiotherapy, dentistry and counselling

We offer free meditations to local people and companies

Trained 2 staff in Mental Health First Aid

Well Walks with our participants and partners 





  • Check in with neighbours frequently
  • Make time for ourselves and things that bring us joy, this could be as simple as 1 hour a day.
  • Allow for wellbeing time in the workplace
  • Promote journaling, recognising achievements, goal setting to help us continue moving forwards
  • Listen to a motivational speaker/someone who you admire
  • Talk to others, a problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t bottle things up.
  • Social walks, physical activity
  • Creative workshops enable for socialising and fun




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