International Happiness at Work Week 2022

We asked the team at TLC what happiness at work personally means to them. 


Charlie Avatar


❝We do important work at TLC. It is the most rewarding sort of work – helping people to overcome adversity and flourish. It’s truly lovely work, but there is no doubt about it, from time to time it can be overwhelming especially during difficult times. The pandemic, and now the cost-of-living crisis means our participants need us more than ever.  Our Wellbeing Wednesdays give the team a chance to relax, to attend to our self-care and to make sure we take a moment to look after ourselves. It’s something we all value highly and helps us to keep doing what we do.

Happiness in the workplace: - Being seen, being heard, being valued. Also, cake. Lots and lots of cake.❞



Lee Avatar medium


❝Happiness at work is being supported and challenged by people you trust.

Happiness at work is when your colleagues know you well enough to tell you how it is. Like, take a break, lets sit down and have a brew and a piece of chocolate cake.

Happiness at work is being surrounded by honest people who share your values.❞



Chell Avatar


❝Happiness in the workplace means feeling trusted to do your job and to feel able to be your authentic self and be around others being themselves too.❞



Lauren Avatar


❝Happiness in the workplace is being surrounded by a brilliant team of people who never fail to amaze you

Happiness in the workplace is celebrating together every win our people make no matter how big or small❞



Tracy Avatar


❝Happiness at work is being paid for something you love, that the world needs and which you are good at ?

Happiness at work is knowing everyone around you has got your back and you’ve got theirs❞



Sophie Avatar

❝Happiness at work is being surrounded by people who encourage and support you. Giving you opportunities to continue to learn and grow.❞



Adam Avatar


❝Happiness at work is a place you feel comfortable voicing how you feel and being listened to, people respecting your boundaries and knowing you're respecting theirs.

It's knowing you're making a difference in someone's life, and calling it a job.❞



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