Positive Workology

Returning to work?
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If you’ve ever thought there are secrets to getting a job that people aren’t telling you about, you’d be right.

If you’ve lost your job, or think you are about to, the way to finding a job is changing. If you’ve been trying without success and your confidence has dipped, Positive Workology is a course for people needing to find work again. 

Positive Workology is a free-to-attend course for those committed to finding work but feel they are locked outside the usual system to get work that pays and is meaningful.

We’ve developed Positive Workology because we know that the way to find a job is changing.

We’ll share the secrets that will help you to get a job.  Our approach is proven to be effective and bring positive change to people’s lives and the lives of those around them.

We’ll tell you about the hidden jobs market, about getting a positive mind-set as well as give you expert training for when you get that all-important interview.

We’re focused on getting the right job for you.

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