TLC Talent Pool

We have a group of people whom we know well, we admire, and we trust. They are our Talent Pool.

Firstly, there’s young people who had huge success in their Kickstart jobs, yet weren’t able to be kept on (mostly for financial reasons), and we want you to know who they are, what they can do, and why you should take a look at them if you’re thinking of hiring someone new. Young people in particular have had such a raw deal in the last few years, especially with the disruption to their education and career plans due to covid.

Then we have our brilliant GiveGetGo team. People of all ages who’ve given their time to volunteering,  brushing up their skills or learning new ones to elevate themselves ahead of the competition in what remains a tough jobs market.

Through our work we never fail to be amazed at the calibre of people we meet. Graduates, non-graduates, some with experience, some with none, refugees, veterans, musicians, artists, bakers, the list goes on!

What they have in common are great skills, passion and tenacity. They’re hungry to work, to learn, to embrace challenges and they are equipped with myriad skills, both hard and soft – and amongst them they cover a multitude of sectors and specialities.

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It’s tough to break into any career these days. You need experience; you need to ‘know the right people’; you need to be willing to work for nothing! Whilst we always welcome volunteering opportunities for our Talent Pool, we really want to support them with getting into paid employment in a job that they can really get stuck into.

Would you like to hire someone knowing they come with personal recommendations from a reputable source? Would you like to find out more about who’s in our Talent Pool and how they might become an asset to your organisation? Get in touch with Chell on 07483 426969 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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