Don’t Let Fear Steal your Happy

Don’t Let Fear Steal your Happy

If someone had said to me a week before Glastonbury Festival 2019 that I could have my money back, I’d have mostly likely taken back the cash and run for the hills.

This is almost unfathomable for me now, five weeks later having had quite literally some of the happiest times of my whole life.

When I think back now I can remember feeling absolutely terrified about the experience and totally regretting my decision to buy tickets. What was I so scared about? How long have you got?

In no particular order:

  • The weather (forecast was grim right up to a few days before)
  • The toilets (use your imagination)
  • No showers (I am by no means high maintenance, but I shower at LEAST once daily)
  • The drive (I’d never driven further than Manchester)
  • The crowds (220,000 people all in one place? Yikes!)
  • The tent (I’d purchased a new tent and its HUGE. I was worried we’d never find a pitch big enough)
  • The tickets (Imagine if I’ve been scammed and they’re fake!!!!!!!)

GlastonburyWith the exception of the toilets (and even they weren’t all as bad as people say) I’m pleased to say that the rest of my worries never came to pass. The weather was glorious, the tent was JUST the right size, I managed perfectly well without a shower and even managed to wash my hair in a bucket. The drive was fantastic, and I managed to conquer my fear of motorways.

So this is me! Makeup-free, loving life, at the best festival in the world. To think I was ready to back out, purely based on the fear of the unknown – thank goodness I didn’t.

Intolerance to uncertainty is at the core of many people’s anxieties. Sometimes the best way through is to take a deep breath and then smash right through the middle of it.

Life is short! Don’t let fear steal your HAPPY.

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