TLC - In Partnership With The Life Rooms

TLC - In Partnership With The Life Rooms

We’re in a crisis situation.

People everywhere are impacted by the cost of living crisis, with families especially feeling the pinch - and that’s before we’ve hit winter and the rising fuel costs.

People in low paid, insecure, zero-hour jobs are at a high risk of falling into debt.

Rents are rising but in-work benefits aren’t keeping pace; 60% of families affected by the benefit cuts are working households, and already the money coming in isn’t matching the money going out. 

If this feels familiar, it’s not your fault. TLC are here to help.

If you’re currently in work but struggling to makes ends meet or struggling with the stress and anxiety of these difficult times, we want to hear from you.

Thanks to funding from the Liferooms, we can now offer our employment and wellbeing support to working people. We’ve known for some time that too many employed people are just about getting by each month and this is unsustainable. 

We can help with:

Finding more secure or better paid employment

Ensuring you’re getting all the financial support you’re entitled to

Managing the stress of the times we’re in

We know that reaching out for help is often a big step, but even if you’ve never had to ask for help before, these are unprecedented times.

Please get in touch with us for an informal chat to see how we can help. 




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