TLC Employability Day Event - Talent Pool, Can You Be An Opportunity Maker?

TLC Employability Day Event - Talent Pool, Can You Be An Opportunity Maker?

Kickstart proved there’s an appetite from employers to recruit local talent even when they might not be the perfect candidate on paper. TLC have proved that we can find and match that talent to the right employers and so we’ve launched the TLC Talent Pool, making TLC the “Go To” place to hire local talent.

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For Employability Day 2022 – Transform Lives Company held an event at the Baltic Creative on Jamaica Street. Employers from across the city region to came see what’s next after Kickstart do next to keep creating opportunities for people. Talented young people looking for work networked, pitched their skills and most importantly, landed interviews.

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Kickstart was a massive help to both employers and young people, there was a need there. TLC filled 218 jobs for young people! With 60% of those who have finished their placements being kept on by their Kickstart employers. We heard from some of the Kickstarters, fresh from their jobs about how Kickstart and TLC helped them.

Matchstick, The Green House Project and Grow Wellbeing just some of our excellent Kickstart employers, shared how their businesses thrived during and after, finding and offering permanent contracts to some hidden gems they never thought possible at the start.

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The end of Kickstart is just the start for the TLC Talent Pool. Our call to action to everyone to become “Opportunity Makers” had a great response, with offers of work placements, volunteering opportunity and the use of a training room, and that’s just for starters! The evidence we heard from the employers proves that there is unearthed talent out there, they just need to be given a chance. Who knows, by creating an opportunity you could meet your future social media whizz!

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Our TLC Talent pool is currently filled with Kickstart graduates who completed their placements with flying colours and are searching for their next opportunity. If you’ve got a job to fill, come to TLC first and check out our local talent.

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