If In Doubt - Do Yoga

If In Doubt - Do Yoga

It’s three years since I qualified as a Yoga Teacher. 200 hours of classes plus countless more learning the muscles of the body and how to say “Tree pose” in Sanskrit (Vrksasana if you’re interested).

I love teaching. But still for me its to yoga that I turn when my body and brain start to give off the warning signs that something isn’t right.

We joke at TLC about talking each other back off the ledge, it’s a tough job that we do, but recently I was past talking so I took myself off on a yoga retreat to the beautiful lake Coniston for a total reset.

Everything about the weekend was about nurturing yourself. The food, the herbal teas, walks in the hills and of course 5 hours of yoga a day!

I normally shy away from Yin Yoga (where you stay in a pose for what feels like a lifetime) but it was just what I needed as there was no getting away from processing the junk in my head.  I dug out my journal and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote until there was nothing left.

What did I learn? Being mindful and practicing self-care isn’t an annual MOT. It’s building it into your daily routine and being uncompromising about it.

So, I’m back on my mat daily. I have a least one brew a day where I just sit and enjoy it and my journal is no longer gathering dust.

A little bit of TLC goes a long way. #bekindtoyourself

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