Thinking of Volunteering? Here’s What You Could Gain

Thinking of Volunteering? Here’s What You Could Gain

We understand being out of work for a long time can be a challenging time, with the financial, mental and physical effects being felt throughout. Returning to work should be a gradual process for anyone struggling to re-enter the workplace environment.

Volunteering can be a valuable pressure free stepping stone back into employment. Below we’ll discuss the benefits you can gain from taking part.

Building Confidence

If you’ve been long term unemployed, or have recently been made redundant, you may find yourself struggling with low-confidence and lacking motivation. Volunteering can help you rediscover your old confidence through being back in a workplace environment, proving to yourself you have what it takes to be there. The more time you put into volunteering, the more you’ll gain from it.

“I wanted to try and see if I could handle returning to work, the longer I stayed there, the more proof I had for myself, that I CAN do it.”

-TLC Participant


Developing New Skills

Has there been a job that you’ve wanted to do, but felt you’ve not had enough experience or skills in that sector before? Once you’ve set the sights on the role you want, you can apply to volunteer in similar roles and gain significant experience that will look excellent on your CV when you come to apply! An even better tip is, considering the competitive job market, if you can volunteer with the organisation you’re looking to work for, you’ll be the first on their mind when it comes to hiring.

Networking Opportunities

Expanding your professional network is one of the best shortcuts into employment. If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘it’s who you know’ then you’ll understand why meeting as many people as possible, letting them know who you are and what you’re interested in, could put you near the front of the queue!

This has also been called building your ‘social capital’. Social capital has been defined as ‘the potential ability to obtain resources, favours, or information from one's personal connections.’ Volunteering is a brilliant opportunity to build this network by meeting new employers, gaining intelligence on upcoming opportunities and adding useful contacts for future job search.

Filling Gaps in CV

If you’ve been out of work a long time and there are understandable gaps in your CV, volunteering can be the perfect puzzle piece to fit. Employers will be looking for recent relevant experience, if you find a volunteering opportunity in a similar field, you’ll have excellent examples to discuss during interviews.

Improving Mental Health

There are numerous psychological benefits of staying and engaged through volunteering, besides that of increasing your confidence and self-esteem. Studies show that volunteering has been link to reducing depression and increasing life satisfaction (Kim & Pai 2010). Perhaps the increase in mood comes from knowing you’re helping someone? From doing something that increase’s someone else’s quality of life, influences your own.

Taking food to someone who didn’t have any, handing it to them rather than just packing it and sending it somewhere. When I saw what my help was doing, It made me feel better, I like helping people”

-TLC Participant


Commitment & Flexibility

A volunteering placement will demonstrate your commitment and dedication, something that potential employers will be looking for – and something that you can brag about! That you gave up your time, to work for no pay, shows you’re determined, dedicated to yourself and to helping others.

You’ll also have the flexibility to volunteer in different fields. If a career change has been in the back of your mind, then volunteering is the perfect chance for you to try something new. Always keep in mind the role that you’re choosing has transferrable skills that you can transfer to your CV and interview questions.

To wrap up, volunteering offers practical benefits for those looking to re-enter the workforce. It’s a chance to build confidence, learn new skills, and connect with professionals in your field. Volunteering can also bridge employment gaps on your CV, showing commitment while allowing you to explore different career paths. Plus, it can boost your mental health by giving you a sense of purpose and contribution. In short, volunteering is not just about giving back—it’s also about moving forward in your career and personal development.

More Information

If you’ve related to any of the above and are looking to get back into work through volunteering, then please give us a call or an email. We’ve got fantastic links with Knowsley Safari Park, The University of Liverpool and more!

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