Positive Moveology

Positive Moveology

Since the start of Covid, nearly 2 years ago now many of our participants (and the TLC team) started to notice a few extra inches creeping around the waistline, feeling unhealthy and lethargic so we set about changing that.

Thanks to funding from Sport England, The Postcode Lottery and Merseyside Sports Partnership we launched Positive Moveology.

Karen Podesta led the charge with weekly online yoga classes which soon included a chair yoga class too. Everyone got their own mat, blocks, pedometer and water bottles, even a pair of trainers if that was what was needed to get moving.

We arranged weekly group walks (the Couch to 5km option proved less popular!) and pop up yoga classes in the Grow Speke Greenhouse with the tomatoes! Covid restrictions and the weather did play a part but we’ve finished with a flourish. We have a 15 strong group of yogi’s meeting every week at Anfield Community Sports Centre who kindly donated a room for us. We have people from 18 to (almost) 80 and a blossoming romance too.

"Positive Moveology is a reminder not to give up when I'm down."

The project impacted not just on  increased activity, but on better mental health and wellbeing practices. 78% shared that one of their favourite parts of the programme was the change they have noticed in themselves like:

  • an introduction of routine to their days
  • an understanding of the importance of meditation and breath work
  • improved flexibility & stability
  • motivation to eat more healthily
  • improved stamina & motivation
  • better sleep

Our daily motivational emails and a weekly newsletter filled with tips really landed with people.

"I love the positivity and encouragement of your daily emails!"

Even as a team who are relatively active and well-versed in wellbeing practices, we all took part in the programme receiving the daily motivation emails, setting ourselves goals and challenging ourselves to move more, which was particularly welcome after the long periods of lockdown and inactivity we've all faced. 

"The staff and group members don't judge me on my issues so I can be myself in a place where I feel included and have met really nice people who I'm glad to call my friends."

There has been a welcome cross-pollination of members from other existing TLC groups taking part in Positive Moveology and using the forum of these groups to promote the programme and discuss what they have been doing and enjoying.  In the same respect, Positive Moveology has attracted members who were previously unaware of our activities so plan to hold a session to introduce them to our work.

"The positive emails encourage me to know that small steps are good, so I'm not so hard on myself. Thank you."

"I've experienced pain relief & greater flexibility."

 This project has convinced us of the need for more movement focussed work. Watch this space for new of our This Girl Can Netwalking Project coming soon!

 With thanks again to Sport England, The Postcode Lottery and Merseyside Sports Partnership.

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