Active You - Our First Steps Challenge!

Active You - Our First Steps Challenge!

As part of our One You program our participants take part in a Healthy You session which looks at fuel, movement and sleep.

We encourage our participants to look after their body which in turn will help to keep a healthy mind. Being active is one of the five ways to wellbeing and studies have shown that engaging in physical activity can help improve our mental health.

Our Active You group is a space were people can motivate and support each other whatever their active goals whether that’s gardening, walking the dog or cycling.

Our Active You group recently took part in a Step challenge to celebrate National Fitness Day. Each participant received a pedometer which tracked their steps and distance. Our participants made a real effort and in total completed 32,826 steps. The winner of the challenge was Richard who completed over 12,000 steps and even pushed himself and went on his first run since lockdown! Other volunteers took to exploring their local parks and shared some photos.

To celebrate Richard’s achievements, we purchased an Activity Tracker watch and he hasn’t taken it off since!
Due to the lockdown Richard hadn’t been out the house much but the step challenge sparked his motivation , “I would not of done it without the help and support from the group, thank you all I’ll soon be running the marathon some chance I think”.

“Everywhere I go now I’m stopping to check how many steps and calories I have done. It’s a real eye opener how many steps you do in a day”.



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