“This has helped me to see life from a different perspective”

“I feel more confident and I feel more motivated”

I am thinking ahead and looking forward to applying for some more jobs.

“Somewhere along the way my point of view has been changed”

Transform Lives Company

At TLC we work across the UK to raise employment levels and to transform the lives of those furthest from the labour market.

We do this by giving people the chance to get real work experience, gain employability skills and build their employer networks through our flagship GiveGetGo programme. Our approach offers people choices with personalised coaching and support. We believe that through developing confidence, resilience and motivation we can give people the skills they need for life.

Our methods are not a secret. We train organisations to deliver employability skills to their clients. We also partner with organisations to create, build and deliver new employability programmes.

What is GiveGetGo?

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