Merseyrail - Rail Passenger Support

Closing date: 28th February 

 If you wish to apply for this role, please contact your work coach at JCP.


Based in Liverpool

Job Description

A Rail Passenger Support is a customer experience and safety related role based on the Merseyrail underground stations with their home station as Liverpool Central

The role will include shifts at Liverpool Central, Moorfields and Lime Street Low Level stations.

In order to promote the safe and confident use of our stations including escalators and lifts you will assist by taking positive action to help our customers in a number of ways:

Providing re-assurance by interacting with them and promoting confident travel across the   network.

Assisting our customers when required to do so and especially those who have seldom used our services during the pandemic.

Advise on timetable enquiries, amendments to the service and any other relevant customer queries accordingly.   If this information is not available to them then signposting to other staff members to assist with such enquiries.

Supporting the Alarm Bells Approach & observing the safe use of our underground stations.

These roles will assist existing station assistants, retailers and the station management team where appropriate and relevant. 

You will receive:

Provision of uniform & PPE

Provision of technology to enable enhanced customer assistance if required

Company Induction and station relevant training or awareness which will include; Alarm Bells, Customer Service, Disability Awareness, Fire Safety, Automatic Ticket Gates, Lift & Escalator Awareness.


Desired Skills


It would be an advantage to be interested in the rail industry and how we seek to provide excellent customer service to all our customers. 

You should be able to work effectively both in a team and alone. 

You should be able to walk around busy stations whilst being vigilant, engaging with our customers and always be approachable.

A positive attitude and being able to support others.

In these public facing roles you may have to deal with difficult and unpredictable situations therefore a positive attitude and being able to support others is preferred.

Most importantly professional and clear communication with both our customers and your colleagues is a key part of the role.

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