Peepl - Trainee Communications Officer

Closing October 30th

If you'd like to apply for this vacancy, please speak to your Work Coach at your local JCP

Job Summary 

Do you fancy being part of a new company with big ambitions? 

Would you like to like to work somewhere that is willing to let you experiment and learn?  To have fun and smile :)

Are you familiar with Deliveroo and do you think you could join a team that wants to create its’ rival for businesses in Liverpool? 

Peepl Eat is new to Liverpool, we have investment from the City to develop a brand new App to rival Deliveroo.  Our aim is to make an impact on local communities by having an ordering and delivery service that helps local businesses, restaurants and smaller businesses.

The job is to join our Head Office team, to help us deliver fantastic customer care, helping respond to enquiries, be helpful to our clients, help with communications and ultimately being part of an exciting new start up company.  This could also involve promotional activity – creating fliers, social media campaigns, creating and putting out online surveys 

You will need 

  • a strong work ethic
  • a friendly attitude to both the Peepl Eat team and all customers/partners that you speak to or interact with. 
  • willingness to ‘wear many hats’ i.e there might be tasks outside of your initial job description that we expect you to undertake but we see this as a chance to learn all aspects of the business and possibly excel in an area that’s new to you
  • to enjoy being organised, on top of things, able to talk to people on the phone and in person
  • punctuality - this is very important when dealing with food deliveries


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