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Share Your Thoughts About Kickstart

The new Government Kickstart Programme will be providing fully funded temporary jobs for young people from the Autumn.  With no wage cost to the employer and no commitment to retain the young person after six months, you could create a win:win for you as well as for a young person. You can read more about how a great jobs programme should run based on our experience, by clicking here 

Young people will find it hard to compete against more experienced workers in an economic crisis simply because they haven’t had the chance to prove themselves.  Kickstart gives young people that chance - to get their foot on the ladder, real experience, new connections and hope for the future. 

It gives employers like you the chance to hire someone with no financial risk and who knows you may find that talent you need to grow your business. In our experience, expect to be wowed by their abilities!!

Our mission is to make sure that every business that wants to can access this opportunity to create more jobs, especially SME’s and sole traders.  We also know that you already have a lot to do just running your business and this could be one extra thing you can’t do on your own.  We’ll bring experience and know how to help you through.  We’ll also look after the young person you hire so they find their next job.

We’re assessing local appetite, with employers like you, to collaborate so we all flourish in a post Covid world.

Please click here for a 60 second survey to tell us your thoughts!

Thank you!

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