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When life gives you lemons ...

At TLC we look after each other so we can look after others, thinking positively and making the best of a situation is what we’re all about.

There’s no doubt that the last 3 weeks have been tough, not being able to do our jobs or live our normal lives, but when life gives you lemons you make lemonade right?

We’ve been using the time to do things we just don’t get round to (or have been putting off) and to spend more time and care to do the things we love.

  • Lauren has got stuck back in baking (yes she has flour) and to balance out the extra calories she’s been doing lots of yoga, has found a daily meditation that works and in now on week four of Couch to 5km with her very own vlog on Facebook.

  • Charlie is letting her creative streak run riot, her garden is filled with bunting and she’s now got a side-line in homemade (and very pretty) facemasks. Family bike rides have become a regular event and she’s trained her boys to make her a perfect cup of tea.

  • Sophie has taken her running to new levels, spurred on by her sister she’s now smashing out 10km no problem, very impressive for someone who hadn’t run a step 6 months ago. Nan has moved in with Sophie’s family and is loving watching them do their daily hit session in the garden.

  • Tracy and Lee have now got very green fingers with veggies planted and the office plants brought back to life. They been enjoying meals in with their Welsh friends, looking through old picture albums, baking, bike riding and of course getting out there for a run.

  • Sharon’s our resident star baker and her fabulous lunches have been the envy of everyone when we have our weekly Friday lunchtime zoom date. She’s been getting creative too with some lovely positive message posters.

  • Adam has a new side-line as a quiz master, missing his take-aways he’s been learning to cook trying to recreate some of his fave dishes, salt and pepper chicken is his new speciality and of course, cookies. He’s been spending more time playing his guitar and like a good Liverpool lad, learning new Beatles songs.

  • And Karen our yoga teacher has picked up a new life skill- hair dressing!

We’ve all been connecting with friends and family by Zoom, doing quizzes, Joe Wicks, having games nights, we’ve all got our own little timetable and we’re sticking to it!

Behind all of the fun many of us have people we care for too. There’s shopping to do, prescriptions to collect and many calls to our loved ones to make sure they’re doing OK. All the other stuff is the perfect distraction and our way of making sure we’re looking after ourselves so we can keep looking after others.  #staysafe

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