Get Your Career Back on Track

Get Your Career Back on Track

From March 8th to May 11th, TLC will be running new weekly session! Information below -

Transform Lives Company is a social enterprise sharing the secrets to help people get a job. Bring a brew, join us in a relaxed, informal FREE online chat to find out how we can help you find the job that's right for you. Maybe you’ve lost your job and you’ve realised the way to finding a job is changing. We’ll make it easier for you to figure out your next steps and for an employer to choose you! We’ll up your confidence, help you get some perspective, rediscover a positive mindset, help with stand-out CVs, run practice online interviews.


"Lauren gave me the confidence, guidance and structure I needed to complete my perfect CV. Who knew that I had so many transferable skills! I had really fantastic feedback in interviews on how my CV stood out from the others."


Online workshops

1-1 Coaching

Power of the Hidden Jobs Market

CVs from an employers perspective

Managing interview nerves

The rules of the application form

Get noticed by people who are hiring


Five reasons to choose TLC

1. Our team includes qualified coaches and executive-level trainers

2. We’re based in Liverpool, so we know the local jobs market

3. We’ve a track record and helped 1,000s of people into jobs

4. We are compassionate and caring. We’re not a sausage machine

5. You can choose what works for you


Register for your tickets here

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