A colourful approach to managing my mental health

A colourful approach to managing my mental health

This might sound a bit daft but when you see me check out my fingers and toes. 90% of the time you’ll find them painted, usually something bright, reds and pinks are my faves. But when I’m feeling flat, not feeling good about myself or just bleugh, I don’t want to be bothered to make the effort so they’ll be bare.

Nails3It’s quite a meditative process, trimming the cuticles, shaping the nail, picking a colour (again another mood indicator), carefully painting and then sitting. Still.  

If I don’t feel like sitting still with myself for me it’s a sign that I need to do something. That’s where the yoga comes in and I make myself do more. It can be a real fight, my mind will be restless and my body wants to fidget it’s a genuine physical feeling of my body battling against the thing I’m asking it to do. 

Normally in a few days (sometimes more) I’m starting to feel more like myself and rooting through my box of varnish to choose a colour to suit my mood. It’s unlikely I’ll go straight back to pink, probably a dark red or purple, just for a few days to make me feel feisty, then before I know it I’m reaching for the remover and it’s back to bright, bold, fun colours and me feeling like me. 

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