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We’re proud of the results we achieve (and the awards we’ve won!)  and we want to share what we’ve learned with you and your teams. Our training packages are written for frontline practitioners but we’re happy to discuss options around direct delivery to your participants.

We can deliver in-house training direct to your organisation or if you prefer to escape the office for the day we can offer one of our training venues.

We’ve facilitated workshops across the UK and we’d be happy to talk about how our training packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

CV Skills

1 day workshop

An essential part of a jobseekers toolkit but too often rushed, outdated or follows the hardworking, reliable individual with transferable skills template.

We turn CV writing on its head, make it valuable, personal, giving your clients CVs the edge in the crowded jobseeking market.

The Hidden Jobs Market

1/2 day workshop

Trawling for jobs though the usual suspects such as Indeed, Fish and Monster, let’s be honest it’s soul destroying. Over half of all job vacancies don’t make it onto these sites.

We can show you how to access the hidden jobs market, how to give your clients a better chance of securing interviews and completely revitalise your approach to jobsearching.

Employability Skills

1 or 2 day workshop

Based on real experience over a number of years this training session provides useful tips and ideas for delivering better employability results.

It is widely acknowledged that it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly ‘what works’ in employability; so many initiatives have been tried over many years.  However, our advice focuses on some key areas and doing the basics well. 

  • Starting Career Planning Conversations
  • Action Planning
  • Jobsearch
  • Personalising CVs and making them stand out
  • Application Forms
  • Interview tips

Effective Employer Engagement

1/2 day workshop

Nobody likes a cold call least of all employers where time equals money. Yet employer support is vital for jobs, volunteering, donations…. the list is endless.

Asking for “free stuff” can be awkward and embarrassing, we can help you overcome that barrier by changing your approach from your ask to your offer.

Delivered by one of Manchester City Councils Business Partnership Award Winners, we’ll reveal our top tips on engaging employers- and we promise there isn’t a cold call in sight.

Accelerated Learning

1 day workshop

Where laughter and learning meet

Recognising and applying the principles of accelerated learning

Make the most of your development opportunities through understanding and applying the latest brain research to your learning. Whether you’re a trainer, a teacher a pupil or a preacher we will give you the knowledge, understanding and tools to change the way you and your learner’s learn

The Science of Being Truly You at Work and at Home

1/2 day workshop

We all experience stress but over a prolonged period there are lasting and harmful effects on our body as well as our performance.

It’s time to sort it out.

This is proven and powerful workshop will enable you to recognise your own triggers for stress and transform this recognition into performance. You will have an opportunity to measure your stress levels using simple, accurate biofeedback technology and you will be given practical, effective techniques to unlock the performance potential that can be limited by the stress response.

Our tried and tested approaches are already used by thousands of people across the UK. This is an opportunity to learn techniques that can be understood in half a day but last a life time.

Introduction to Mentoring

1/2 day workshop

Everybody’s saying it works!  From the probation service, employment providers, to schools, community groups and large multi-nationals, there is an increasing recognition that mentoring plays a huge part in increasing performance, motivation and self-reliance among individuals, business, and communities.

We will give managers, advisers and front line workers a sharply focussed introduction to the knowledge, skills, and tools that will enable you to take your first steps as an effective mentor.  We will bring you up to date with all the latest developments in mentor skills – whether you are new to mentoring, or looking for a refresher.

Up-Rising commissioned our training for future leaders in Manchester. 

“Lee delivered a “How to get the best out your mentoring experience,” and a “Managing stress & workload,” session for a group of young people participating in the Greater Manchester UpRising Leadership Programme.

 I would fully recommend Lee’s training, he was fantastic with the age group (19-25); personable, funny and engaging. The session was delivered directly in line with my specifications and his communication before and after the session were tip top. Gold stars all round”

Victoria Turnbull
North Regional Programme Manager UpRising

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