Health & Wellbeing at TLC

Stress, anxiety and low level mental health issues are increasingly apparent barriers for people who are out of work.

Anxiety and coping with stress affects all of us at some time – taking exams, a new job, bereavement. We also see it when we work in schools and with teachers, where students are unable to focus, teachers struggle to manage behaviour or maintain good relationships.

The answer is often within us.  We can show you and your clients how to self-regulate your own response to stress.

Take Ten with TLC

Our unique bio-feedback system TakeTen provides a practical solution that’s easy to learn and which monitors improvements in stress levels over time.

Using TakeTen raises the levels of “Happy Hormones” in the body improving overall health and well-being as well as providing practical techniques people can apply to manage stressful situations such as job interviews.

“The breathing technique has helped me to understand how to change the emotions that affect the body.”

It’s the body natural response to situations in which it feels out of control, causing the release of adrenaline and cortisol – your body’s fight or flight response.

This diverts blood from your brain to your muscles, therefore stopping you from concentrating on the task at hand and thinking properly. TakeTen helps to train the body to be more resilient – helping it to avoid resorting to its fight or flight response.

“We learnt an anchoring technique and it really worked”

How to get involved

If you’d like to know more about how TakeTen can support your clients (or indeed your own teams) please contact us for a free demo.