Coaching by TLC

Coaching is a powerful way of enabling someone to unlock their own potential, skills and performance.

We are skilled to help you learn for yourself, on an individual or group basis.  We use coaching principles in our own delivery, and we can do this on a one to one basis with private, business clients.

If you would like to talk to us about the power of coaching, our methods, and how this can support you, your team, project or business, get in touch.  You might want to support a teams’ performance, a group of people in your community, or yourself.

“Somewhere along the way my point of view has been changed”

Case Study

Our Director, Lee, is an ILM level 7 coach and lecturer on a foundation degree and degree in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring.  He coaches top executives as well as our GiveGetGo volunteers.

“Lee has provided coaching services to me for a number of years and throughout that time has demonstrated a vast array of highly valuable skills and abilities. The most notable of these being:

• his in-depth knowledge of his subject;
• his intelligent and considered style of coaching;
• his active listening;
• his ability  to collaboratively develop innovative but straightforward solutions to complex problems;
• his relaxed and informal approach;
• his ability to constantly adapt to an ever changing workplace environment.

“His coaching has always been tailored to meet the current circumstances and has continually evolved whilst retaining a strong anchor to the key issues identified at the start of our work together.”

“Any Executive will recognise that the difficulties of coping with a high pressure and stressful senior role, combined with the many stresses and strains of everyday life can frequently seem unbearable. By working with Lee we have always been able find a suitable coping strategy and it is not an exaggeration to say that many have quite literally transformed my life.”

Senior Executive – £1bn UK Group of Companies