Take Some Time Out for a Mindful Minute with Team TLC

At TLC we believe you should always start with kindness. That’s easy to do with others but we often forget to be kind to ourselves.

We always make sure we take time out to look after each other. We celebrated Tracy’s birthday with a healthy platter of fruit and one or two tasty treats- life’s all about balance! Then downed tools at 4pm for some rejuvenating team yoga led by Lauren.

It’s fair to say that the people we support on GiveGetGo and Positive Lifeology have had it tough and at times it can be tough for us too processing what we’re hearing, feeling and dealing with, staying strong to best support our participants. Which is why it’s all the more important that we take time out to look after each other and start with kindness.

We’d like to start the week by sharing a Mindful Minute with you from our Positive Workology Coach Lee Fishwick. Before the phone starts to ring, the emails start to ping in and to do list starts to grow, take just a minute to give yourself a little TLC – you deserve it!