A Journey to Employment with GiveGetGo

From coming to the group on day one quiet, nervous, little confidence and ready to bolt at the first chance, Vanessa, a wonderful lady with 5 kids wanted to share her GiveGetGo journey.

Life has changed enormously for Vanessa since then. She did a stint of work shadowing with one of our partners Liverpool One with the customer service team. She wowed them so much she was invited for an interview- only the second one she’s ever had- and of course she nailed it!  

Our Volunteers aren’t always in the best place when they come to us for help. With barriers like mental and physical health issues and long term unemployment, unpicking the knots can be seriously challenging for them. Often, Volunteers don’t realise how they can make a contribution to the workplace, or even what their skills are.

 By reconnecting them with their skills and helping them to see how their thoughts and feelings can stop them from progressing, it doesn’t take long before that lady who has never been in paid work, but has raised 5 kids and managed a home whilst virtually running a local community group as a hobby, has much more to offer than they ever realised!