How Self-Regulation Can Get You a Job

It shouldn’t surprise me but it still does. Few people who I meet on the Give Get Go Development days have ever thought about, or have had some support with self-regulation techniques.

Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and control our own behaviour, emotions, or thoughts, skilfully altering them in accordance with the demands of the situation. This may seem natural but it only seems that way to those of us that have learnt how to do it.

A simple example that we teach on the course is breathing regulation. If you are self-aware and skilled in this practice you can observe your breathing deepen in response to a stressful situation. In many skilled practitioners there is an unconscious learnt recognition that this simple slowing and deepening of breathing re engages the logical part of our brain after the emotional brain has flooded us with stress hormones. This simple intervention allows us to think clearly when under pressure.

If you can self-regulate under the pressure of a job interview, the employer gets a chance to meet the real you. It is your clarity, focus and problem solving talents that often interest the employer and it is in the self-regulated states where these faculties can shine.

I remember my Mum often saying to me, ‘Lee, breath slow, and count to ten…’ How right she was. I wonder who taught her?