Sophie Stansfield Tells us her Top 5 Moments from GiveGetGo so Far!

  1. Meeting people from all different backgrounds and seeing the transformation over the course of the 10 weeks is lovely to be able to be a part of.
  2. Groups bonding and forming friendships, some groups even set up their own WhatsApp groups to keep in touch and support one another after the training finishes.
  3. When our volunteers get a job it truly is the icing on the cake. One of the most memorable job outcomes was Tony who secured a cleaning role at the hospital. Tony was a technophobe and hard of hearing so helping him to apply for jobs was tough. But after several weeks of trying and his recent cleaning experience during his volunteering he got the job!
  4. Treasure Hunts and Speke Hall Trip – it’s not all CVs and job applications, we like to get out and about with our volunteers too and celebrate their hard work during the program. Our visit to Speke Hall included a walk round the grounds and a tour of the hall.
  5. Seeing the work the team do. They give 110% in all they do and have such an impact on not only the volunteer’s development but on my own.