Sometimes You Have To Give Things a Go, You Never Know Where it Will Take You………

I’m not particularly flexible, I can’t get my foot behind my head and I definitely don’t do chanting. So when a friend suggested I do a Yoga Teacher Training course I thought she was nuts. I loved yoga, but couldn’t find a local class to suit my style so in her words, “I stopped complained and decided to do it for myself.”

I was so worried about meeting my fellow trainees, I though they were all going to be Insta yoga stars, bendier, stretchier and way more into yoga than me. Turns out they were and still are the lovelist group of people you could ever hope to meet.


Together we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve stressed, we’ve over thought (A LOT!), we’ve practiced, we’ve revised, we’ve encouraged, supported, problem solved and hugged our way through the last 9 months. Without the support of this wonderful group of people (not to mention friends, family and the TLC team) I don’t know if I would have made it through.

I’ve learned so much and not just how much more wonderful yoga is for you than I already knew. I’ve been pushed way out of my comfort zone in performance workshops where I wanted to run out of the room at any opportunity. I’ve learned to ask for help. And I’ve deeply felt the pressure of the fear of failure (all self-inflicted).

Guess what? That’s how our volunteers feel on an almost daily basis. The fear of meeting new people, the challenge of digging deep within and of course the immense pressure of interviews. Wow, it’s no wonder they are stressed.

There’s no doubting the massive benefits of yoga to the mind, body and soul. It reduces injuries, stress, depression and improves strength, concentration and your immune system. I could go on but the only way to know is to give it a go. So after not going into this to start teaching I’m now bubbling with excitement ready to share this fantastic practice with as many people as I can.

No fancy studio required, just a training room or an office with the desks pushed back (TLC style) and I’ll happily come and share the yoga glow with anyone who wants to try a class. Looking after ourselves is so important and I’m thrilled we can now add TLC Yoga to our Wellbeing Workshops- hopefully see you on the mat soon!