Local Government Chronicle (LGC), the voice of local government since 1855, is the brand aimed at highest ranking officers running British councils, and their partners in the public and private sectors. We are the title local government chief executives, directors and assistant directors rely on for advice on innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship.

Available in both weekly print magazine and all digital formats, LGC covers the wide range of services within local government including housing, planning, regeneration, the environment, education, big society, local elections, and social services.

A subscription to LGC provides you with the latest developments affecting the above areas, in-depth insight into the big issues and expert opinion from our experienced team of journalists and researchers.

To subscribe, please visit https://subscribe.lgcplus.com or if you wish to find out a little more from us first, please call 01604 828705 or email customerservices@lgcplus.com

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