The North unites to demand control over EU cash to rebalance the econom

In a cross-party call, the Mayors of Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Tees Valley and Sheffield City Region, alongside the NP11 Board, representing the North’s 11 local enterprise partnerships, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, the voice of business in the North and the People’s Powerhouse, a grassroots movement, say the Government must fully fund and devolve the Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF).

They are calling for control over the money, which will be repatriated from the EU after Brexit, so they can use it to drive up living standards in their areas.

Our MD Tracy Fishwick, Director of the People’s Powerhouse movement, has joined the voices calling for change including Andy Burnham, Claire Ainsley (JRF) and Steve Rotheram and  saying: “It is important this funding is devolved to the North and it continues to support, as it does now, development at a community and grassroots level. What can’t happen is that areas of the North that have relied on EU funding for many years find that is taken from them – especially as the funding has been helping support Northern communities where austerity measures have hit hardest. It’s vital there is the understanding of what is needed on the ground and that can’t happen from Westminster – it means genuine involvement from local grass roots organisations and listening to what local people say.”

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