TLC are thrilled to be finalists in the Nesta Good Help Awards. The award recognises organisations and teams that demonstrate how they are helping people to find their sense of purpose and develop their confidence to take action to transform their lives, rather than focusing on fixing a problem which is embedded in the TLC way.

The Good Help Award was launched as part of the release of the Nesta and Osca publication Good and Bad Help: How purpose and confidence transforms lives.

Our approach is founded on years’ of experience in the public sector where most interventions are ‘done to’ people and not done with or alongside people.  Our team’s expertise spans the welfare to work sector, recruitment and employment. We believe that when people:

  • have a choice to be involved
  • a choice about what they want to do
  • a chance to grow at their pace
  • have support from people as mentors and coaches

remarkable change can occur.

We create volunteering opportunities in civic, interesting and inspiring locations as part of a new ‘movement’ that brings people who have a job together with those who want to work. We deliberately refer to ALL people who get involved as our ‘volunteers’ not clients,  service users, employers or customers.  This has the effect of transferring the power to attend or not to the person we want to support or the person who wants to mentor.  In doing so, people are engaging because they want a job, and they also recognise that volunteering will help them achieve this

How we help each other matters. ‘Good help’ supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and take action. ‘Bad help’ – does the opposite, undermining people’s confidence, sense of purpose and ultimately creating inaction.

Although ‘good help’ is well evidenced and core to how many organisations support people to improve their lives, it is often absent from many mainstream services and social programmes. This project aims to promote a deeper awareness across society of the principles, practices and moral responsibility of offering ‘good help’ and it’s something that TLC are immensely proud to be part of.