DevoIntelligence 23rd January: A Year of Judgement

Our MD was invited by DevoConnect to comment on the impact the first wave of metro mayors are having, elected 18 months ago.  What are their priorities with 2 years left to make a real impact?  Tracy Fishwick makes a compelling case for a collaborative, inclusive devolution embodied in the People’s Powerhouse Charter.
The first wave of metro mayors, elected just over a year and a half ago, might be forgiven for thinking that they have had little time to make an impact.
2019 will see the start of the May 2020 re-election campaigns for the seven mayors already in office, and for those that made hefty manifesto pledges two years ago (i.e., all of them) they will want to be seen to deliver by their electorates.
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Can they do it? This DevoIntelligence features comment from four DevoConnect associates on the months and years to come: Phil Hope, Former Minister of State for Care Services, who argues that health and social care integration cannot happen without devolution; Tracy Fishwick, People’s Powerhouse, making a compelling case a collaborative, inclusive devolution embodied by the People’s Powerhouse Charter; Martin Liptrot, 98Republic, on why Merseyside’s two mayors are doing just fine and Dan Corry, NPC setting out why local government and the social sector need honesty to deliver on place making.