One Month In, Adam Lets Us Know What It’s Like Working For TLC

Here I am at the end of my first month working for Transform Lives Company, it has flown by! A little bit about my journey into this job, first. For 15 years I have suffered from anxiety and depression (half a lifetime being 31), during that time I had to drop out of 6th form and I basically became a recluse, all my old friends moved on while I stagnated at home unable to even contemplate work.

Now let’s get a little more positive shall we!

Coming to a turning point in my life, I decided I needed to do EVERYTHING in my power change my life. I needed to get back to work! I was referred to a ‘Workability’ course called GiveGetGo, my initial impression was that this was going to be the first step in me getting back out there, learning new skills. The first few weeks of GGG were eventful, meeting all these new people, gaining a focus I forgot I’d lost and starting to rediscover my drive. From start to finish we went from a group of strangers to a close-knit group who’d shared good news, bad news, worries, triumphs, like we’d known each other years. The staff on the course, Lee, Charlie, Sharon and Sophie made us feel so welcome and comfortable. When it come to an end, my Tuesdays and Wednesdays felt empty!

Finishing the course, I wasn’t yet ready to apply for paid work, but they’d unearthed something in me I didn’t realise I had – passion, ability, self-belief. I was offered by the team to come back and help with other groups, to gain the experience, feel what the routine of a workday would be like. I thoroughly enjoyed being back amongst TLC and GGG again, I feel this was the next step I was ready for. I received a call about 6 weeks ago that the team wanted to offer me a part time role being an administration assistant. I knew that this was going a huge chance to prove to myself that I have what it takes, even better when it’s in a place I already felt at home in!

My first few weeks absolutely flown by, I related this to the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, because I was, I was having fun going there every week and succeeding, hearing I’d done a good job, beating yet another challenge. To go from being on the course that aims to transform your life, to working on the course transforming someone else’s life, it’s amazing. Fun side note, being a fussy eater, I’ve had to up my lunch game as the chicken butties just weren’t cutting it amongst all these gourmet cooked lunches being brought in, so it’s not only my mind that’s being made healthier here it’s hopefully going to help my body too.

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey here and helping others on their own. There’s not much more I can say other than it being incredibly rewarding working in such a selfless place aimed at getting people back to where they deserve to be.