Chocolate Mindfulness, Hygge Yourself Happy, Massages…. who knew stress relief was so much fun!

So when the University of Liverpool said could you run some mindfulness sessions for Well-Being week we jumped at the chance. Mindfulness, meditation and stress management can be alien concepts to many people. It can be seen as fluffy or airy fairy so the challenge was to come up with sessions that would appeal to everyone, mindfulness by stealth if you will.

We were like kids in a candy shop, so many ideas, which ones to choose!

It has to be said that Chocolate Mindfulness was the fastest selling ticket (we have no idea why), swiftly followed by the hand and arm massages.

Taking the time to properly enjoy what we’re experiencing is what mindfulness is all about. Switching off the phone, closing the laptop and focussing on what’s happening right now without distraction. We so rarely do it but it feels so good.

Next time you have a brew can you sit somewhere quietly and take 10 minutes just to enjoy it.

Next time the sun is shining can you spare ½ an hour to walk around the block or even better find a park?

Running these sessions is such a treat for TLC. We get enormous pleasure from observing the transformative effects. There’s no denying the chilled out vibe as people leave the room that they’ll carry through the rest of the day.

So whether it’s a digital detox, singing for the soul or a bit of yoga see if you can find time this week to give yourself a bit of TLC and we promise you wont regret it.

For more information on how you can bring the TLC suite of stress busting,  mini well-being sessions to your organisation please contact

Another sellout session was Hygge Yourself Happy. Taking tips from the Scandanavians there’s little changes we can make to our environment to give ourselves a homely hug. Creating a relaxing space that immediately tells your brain to switch off, we can trick ourselves into relaxing. It’s even better accompanied by hot chocolate and pastry treats.