A Volunteers Unique Story

Sometimes determination is not lofty and driven by clear a purpose of dream fulfilment. No, sometimes it’s about a raw visceral drive to survive. I saw it up close and personal last week. A friend who we are working with wrestling with addiction. I could see, feel and hear the struggle and yet I could see a powerful determination to make it through. To survive. But there was much more, the human experience can use the most difficult of circumstances to speak its stories of loss and gain, of joy and pain. My friend finds creative expression in paint. His relationship with art and paint particularly, allows him to pour out the difficulty and pain. And you know what, the results are breath taking. He will lose himself completely in a frenzied tactile scratching and scraping of spiralling colours and shapes. And when he’s done, he’s tired but free for a few moments from the prison of addiction. And even though I try to thank him for his inspiration, he will not yet accept my appreciation. So, I decided to tell his story and try to share his inspiration with you. If there is something that you do that gives you a few wonderful moments of freedom, don’t put off, do it. In each of us there is innate wisdom and creativity. It will find its way to the surface one way or another.