The Peoples Powerhouse

Where do I start? Well with a huge and heartfelt thank you first of all. For your energy, enthusiasm and for being with us in Doncaster on the start of a journey to help create a North of England that works for everyone.

Without each and every single one of you it wouldn’t have been the incredible event that it was. Our speakers inspired and left us with so many things to think about, and the workshop sessions gave us all great ideas going forward..

The People’s Powerhouse event did feel like we were all part of something special. And with that comes high expectations. All of us on the core team are more than aware that we now have a window of opportunity to help bring about real change for people and communities across the North; and it is important that we spend the next few weeks and months wisely and well and keep up the pace.

You can now access our new Peoples Powerhouse website:

We would encourage you to use it as a sharing platform by adding events to the calendar, sharing and uploading resources, telling other members what you are up to and writing guest posts about your activities. You can then use the information shared to improve your own projects, or contact other members for advice or information.

One again thank you for being with us at the start of what we hope will be a long and exciting journey to help shape the North of England to focus on people and communities.

Tracy Fishwick

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