The People Are the Powerhouse

The People’s Powerhouse is a movement which exists to ensure that people and communities are at the heart of the Powerhouse plans, not the periphery!

The movement formed in response to the lack of women participating in a conference in Manchester, drawing attention to the lack of diverse opinions and experiences represented in the Northern Powerhouse plans.

Our aim is to include the thoughts and opinions, as well as knowledge and expertise from all sectors of society, with a particular focus on how people are the key to prosperity, innovation, communities and the economy.

That means you!

We’ve already started to change the conversation about what kind of North we want to be, but the more of us who get involved, the more we will achieve.

How can I get involved?
Join us on 20 November in Bradford.  Confirmed speakers include Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, Susan Hinchcliffe, Leader, Bradford Council, Neil McInroy, CEO CLES, Edna Robinson, our Chairman and we will be supported all day by the acclaimed Longfella, our poet in residence Tony Walsh.

Suggest an idea for a workshop or 7 minute ‘pop up’ session…

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