5 Reasons to Try GiveGetGo

3 new groups have just started their GiveGetGo journeys so we invited Sophie Stansfield who manages the recruitment to give us her top 5 reasons why people join our programmes……

Reason number 1… Meet new people

Being unemployed can leave you feeling isolated. But GGG can help connect you to people who may be facing similar challenges. Get the chance to build your networks and even make new friends.

Reason number 2… a chance to volunteer with some of the best employers in Liverpool!

We work hard on establishing our Partnerships and connect with civic organisations who want to help too. A few of our employers include; The University of Liverpool, The National Trust and Liverpool ONE just to name a few.

Reason number 3…Try something new!

Just by volunteering you are 3 times more likely to get a job! From gardening to customer service GGG has a wide range of volunteering opportunities available.

Reason number 4… Learn New Skills

Positive psychology enables you to take a step back and really look at yourself and turn some of your bad habits into positives. Learn some of the techniques to help you manage stress and anxiety. Also whilst volunteering you’ll gain loads of transferrable skills.

Reason number 5… Get a shiny new CV

Our team can work wonders on a CV plus you’ll leave GGG with recent work experience